The Story

The Story Von Treskow is a Melbourne based jewellery design company founded in the summer of 2004. Youthful designer Eva Lemmen expresses herself through the art of making jewellery inspired by her exotic German and Spanish heritage.

Named after her grandmother's maiden name, Von Treskow's jewellery mixes elemental shapes, sophisticated colour and intricate details to create modern and spirited jewellery that expresses strength, love and faith.

Objects collected from Eva’s diverse background, from primitive coins to religious trinkets and Elizabethan tassels inspire the classical yet long lost treasure creations of this jewellery designer. Picture stacked bangles, beaded hoop earrings, multi charm necklaces and sky high heels for some Von Treskow seduction.

The Passion

Von Treskow’s handmade designs in sterling silver and natural and semi precious gemstones exhibit the natural beauty of the materials it works with. Beaded in clusters, dangling on chains or handset in precious metals work either as subtle understatement or in exotic simplicity.

Through her designs, Eva emphasizes the wearability of her designs opting for subtlety over showiness and always pursuing an aesthetic of simple beauty by letting the pieces seek strength in both simplicity and weight.

Von Treskow is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of materials used and workmanship involved and is committed to carefully upholding its brand integrity through these principles.